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James Pyne

James Pyne

Outside of work James leads a very active life with his wife Jeanette, young family and managerie of pets. James participates in many outdoor activities including riding, running, cycling and off-piste skiing all of which his family take part in too. James is Chairman of Otterton Village Hall and helps take the bookings for what is a very busy local community amenity. Most of all though James is at home in the enviroment around him and always extolls the virtues of how amazing and diverse the countryside of the Otter Valley and Devon is.

Jeanette Pyne

Jeanette Pyne

The master of multi-tasking and even when up to her eyeballs Jeanette always has time for conversation. Jeanette loves her family, dogs and living in the wonderful village of Otterton. Jeanette is a very active, working Mum often helping out at her children's primary school running the school cross country club (of which she was founder) and helping with extra curricular school activities. Jeanette loves the outdoor life and aswell as helping to run a local womens running group, running, cycling, riding and sharing her love of off-piste skiing with husband James and her two children are all actively participated in.

James Pyne Photography was formed in the summer of 1996 at this time James Pyne it's founder was a keen amateur photographer sharing a love of photography and the environment around him.

Prior to the formation of JPP James took a change in vocation and found himself exactly in the 'right place at the right time' and received a phonecall out of the blue asking if he would be prepared to travel to Borneo to assist a professional events photographer covering the Camel Trophy Challenge (Land Rover) in Borneo. This 'once in a lifetime experience' gave James the aspiration and aim that one day he wanted to be photographically involved in events of similiar scale and magnitude in the years that lay ahead.

After Camel Trophy James managed to secure a number of photographic assignments in the London area at the time however a decision needed to be made, up sticks and move to the 'Big City' where work was plentiful and highly competitive or start up from scratch in the Westcountry then travel as and when required. James decided on the latter and set about laying the foundations of his business. At this time James knew three subjects really well, horses and ponies which he had grown up with since 10 years old, the countryside around him and the local people in his immediate community.

Initially as with all 'business start ups' it was a struggle finding commissions for events and some experiences were somewhat trying however with determination and vision James soon began to see the business heading in a positive direction.

Jeanette James's wife joined the business in April 2005. Jeanette had always helped with getting photographs out, etc so it made sense for Jeanette to set into the breach so to speak. James and Jeanette shared the same drive and passion in supplying customer's photographs whilst the event was still fresh in their minds and they would both work into the early hours when necessary to ensure photographs were despatched on time to their eagerly awaiting customers

Evolution of JPP

In the early years James used high quality print film to photograph the events he attended. Then in the spring of 2003 James purchased a Canon EOS 10D digital camera. His most recent addition of a Nikon D3 to his camera equipment has further 'revolutionised' the event photography business JPP was associated with and made 'on-site' printing attainable. James and Jeanette tentatively viewed the printers on offer at the time but held back until prices became affordable, the technologies available settled and 'user-friendliness' improved.

Prior to the 2006 event season James purchased for the business their first dye-sublimation printer which was capable of producing an 8" x 6" 'weather and dust proof' print in a matter of seconds and adhering a waterproof outer coating to the prints as they exited the printer.

With the advent of on-site printing came the added logistics of not only previewing the images James and his photographer's work but where and what to set up in. Initially James and Jeanette had been piloting an idea they had used when covering hockey tournaments which consisted of using laptops and elevated TFT flatscreens so that customers could not only look at images at waist height if required but they could also watch slideshows of matches at a distance due to the elevated flatscreens. The solution was perfect and the concept was met with 'customer amazement' and still to this day the JPP system still achieves that big 'wow factor' to those who have not experienced it!

The concept however wasn't all without dilemma (trials and tribulations) and as with all outdoor events they and the people that attend are at the mercy of the weather and on one particular event incessant rain water flowed into the JPP event tent and narrowly missed destroying the computer equipment, however not deterred by the inclement weather the computer equipment was dried out overnight the sun shone the next day and it was business as usual again. The current season ran it's course without further dilemna but James and Jeanette were very conscious that this 'near miss' could not be allowed to happen again coupled with the logistics of setting up a tent prior to and breaking down after a long day was also taking it's toll on the 'team's morale'. So James and Jeanette looked around for a viable alternative and hit upon the idea of going mobile and explored the 'exhibition trailer' route; If large car companies and other such organisations could do it why couldn't JPP.

All things come to those that wait........

Both James and Jeanette share a profound belief that if you work hard enough and are passionate about a project your dreams will come true. And indeed this couldn't have been more prevalent and a chance meeting led James and Jeanette to acquire their most valued asset, a 23 foot towable exhibition trailer; now for the tricky bit negotiating a price. Once again fate led James and Jeanette into the right hands as it transpired not only did James know the gentleman selling the trailer but he also had been to College with him - both James and Jeanette reflect back that it was almost as if the trailer had their name on it all along!

The trailer's debut was at Longleat Horse Trials in 2006 initially in it's working clothes and the exhibition trailer needed to be flying the JPP livery colours so at the end of the event season the JPP exhibition trailer went into FDS Graphics for a livery makeover and emerged a different beast. Almost overnight the trailer's new colours and logo increased the JPP business profile significantly commanding it's own prescence, meaning business and visibility from a distant.

Event Photos, On-Site Printing, On Sale Now........!

Currently JPP offer digital previewing of all images taken at the events we attend, customer assistance with image viewing if required (although the majority of our more seasoned customers are able to 'serve themselves'), all forms of payments taken, on-site printing from 8" x 6" up to 12" x 8" enlargements.

The JPP mobile unit achieves all that it says on the side Event Photos, On-Site Printing, On Sale Now.......!